Terms of Use or Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy for neurons.me and this.me suite.
Including all packages published under suiGn profile in npm and github.

Terms of Use or Terms & Conditions for guidelines on using the software, disclaimers, liabilities, etc.

Last updated: [Ag 15 2023]

1. Introduction

Welcome to [Your Open Source Project Name]. This project is provided "as-is" without any guarantees or warranties of any kind. Users are responsible for their use of the project and any consequences thereof.

2. Information We Don't Collect

Given the nature of our open-source project, we do not collect, store, or handle personal data of our users. Users might provide data or personal information through the project's usage, but we do not have access to or control over this information.

3. No Guarantees

Our open-source project is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. We make no guarantees regarding the continuous functionality, accuracy, or security of the project.

4. Non-liability

We are not responsible for any damages, data loss, or issues that may arise from the use of [Your Open Source Project Name]. It's the user's responsibility to determine the suitability of this project for their needs.

5. No Responsibility for User Actions

Users are solely responsible for any actions they take based on the usage or implementation of this project. We hold no liability for any consequences or repercussions faced by users due to their actions or decisions related to the project.

6. Changes to This Privacy Policy

While our stance on user privacy is not expected to change, we may update this policy from time to time to clarify our position or to reflect new project features. Any changes will be posted on this page.

7. Contact

Given the open-source nature of our project, we encourage community discussion and feedback. For questions about this privacy policy or the project in general, please refer to our contact section on the project's repository page or raise an issue in the project's issue tracker.